Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Complications of Mesh Surgery Leading to Lawsuits

If you’re implanted with hernia mesh, there are chances that you are going to experience more traumas post the surgery. Though the surgical mesh was introduced with the intention to cure the disorder, it ultimately resulted in further distress and suffering. You may be a victim too. Read to be sure.

Visualize this. You are suffering from pain, distress and discomfort near your groin area or abdominal region. You are diagnosed with hernia. And you are recommended with a surgery to be done by mesh implant. But, ironically and sadly, you don’t get over your sufferings, as hernia mesh complications follow putting you in further agony.

However, there is no conclusive data to show or confirm that the complications would be same or similar for all the patients. Although it confirms one thing – that the medical device wasn’t properly checked and verified before it got approval by the FDA.

What complications were noticed post the mesh surgery?

There were several common and severe complications that happened after the mesh implant. Some of the most common ones included:

•    Perforated intestines
•    Abdominal wall tears
•    Hernia recurrence
•    Chronic pain
•    Infection
•    Nerve entrapment
•    Scar tissue buildup

Serious complications arising due to surgical mesh

Apart from the aforementioned complications and side effects, there can be some serious ones which are not only extremely painful, but also life-threatening at times. Many of them might demand for a correction surgery which can lead to further complications. Major ones of those include:

a)    Adhesion

Studies show that around 21% of patients who have undergone mesh implant needed an additional surgery to remove part of their bowel as the device got adhered to the intestines.

b)    Bowel obstruction

Symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and the inability to pass stool or gas could be a possible symptom of defective device giving rise to hernia mesh complications. This is a dangerous condition that calls for immediate treatment, and if left untreated, the obstruction can cut off blood flow killing a part of the intestine.

c)    Migration

This is one of the most dangerous side effects that involve the mesh getting in contact with the intestines or gallbladder. Under such condition, it might result in “ingrowth”, where the dislocated mesh starts growing inside the organ.

Some post-surgery pain is quite normal, but if the pain sustains for longer than normal or tolerable level, the victim must contact the doctor followed by legal help to claim hernia mesh lawsuit settlement. For the latter, you may get in touch with the legal bodies at Hernia Mesh Network by visiting on http://herniamesh.network. You may also call them up at 1(855) 632-6117 for details and further information.

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